2019 Sema Show

SEMA SHOW was held in Las Vegas, USA on November 5-8, 2019. SEMA is the world's leading trade show for professional auto and motorcycle products. It gathers the latest ideas and hottest products in the auto and motorcycle industry at the Las Vegas Convention Center to provide visitors and participants with a platform for technical seminars, product demonstrations, and discussions.

From the perspective of the development of the U.S. auto market, the market demand for modified car accessories will even exceed the U.S. auto market.

- Securities Analyst Crick

The annual SEMA SHOW, with the strong support of the SEMA Trade Alliance, provides Chinese companies that are determined to make a big difference in the North American market an opportunity to have close contact with North American professional auto and motorcycle parts buyers. Participating in SEMA SHOW is the only way for Chinese products to enter the North American auto parts market. By participating in SEMA SHOW, companies can obtain first-hand market information, fully understand the North American market dynamics, obtain orders, and gradually enter the North American market.

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