Internet of Vehicles Solutions

Through the on-board T-BOX terminal and management platform implement different business logics and implement management processes in different scenarios. We can implement fully customized terminal-to-cloud platform solutions:

  • National VI standard heavy-duty vehicle remote emission monitoring: According to the National VI standard promulgated in 2018, the business logic of pollution emission management that meets the national VI standard is realized.
  • Fleet management: Realize business logic such as fuel consumption data analysis and driving behavior analysis.
  • Vehicle management in closed areas of mines and parks: implement business logic such as electronic fences.

T-BOX terminal equipment

Connect to cloud services through the mobile communication module, collect and report OBD fault codes regularly through the CAN bus, and implement logic such as alarms and downstream speed control.

  • It can be customized to support the national six standard communication protocol GB17691-2018, GBT32960.1-2016 electric vehicle remote service and management system technical specifications.
  • The hardware solution is implemented based on NXP S32K148-T-BOX
  • Support OBD protocol family such as ISO 15031 protocol

Management cloud platform

According to the engine information and OBD information reported by the T-BOX terminal and other on-board equipment, combined with the scene requirements, a customized management business logic is realized.

  • Support access to customized Internet of Things protocol such as National Sixth Standard Protocol and MQTT
  • Support microservice architecture and horizontally expand device access capabilities
  • Electronic fence, real-time alarm, big data analysis

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